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The Orphan Empowerment Society

The Orphan Empowerment Society (TOES) equips orphans and care givers with entrepreneurial based vocational training, tools & support so they can become self-sufficient.


The Orphan Empowerment Society?

Ruth is a 10-year-old with battered shoes, a hunger-stricken frame and hair full of lice. Ruth shares tooth brush barely takes her bath with soap and hopes from day to day to not go hungry, alongside 50 orphans at a tiny Orphanage. By donating clothes, money, food items, livestock, provision and more, we can help orphans like Ruth experience thrive and not merely survive.

By 2025, we aim to reach over 1 million orphans across the world!

Our Programs

The Orphan Empowerment Society

Orphans Lifeline Program (OLP)

We mobilize resources from kind-hearted donors, donating clothes, books, food & medical supplies. OLP helps orphans across Africa access life’s most basic needs.

Orphans Beyond Aid (OBA)

Orphans beyond Aid expands economic opportunities for orphans by providing capacity building, entrepreneurship training and mentorship.

Orphans Legal Aid (OLA)

Orphans Legal Aid works with government and civil society organizations to develop and implement policies that protect the rights of the orphaned.

Our Programs

The Orphan Empowerment Society

Our Partners

The Orphan Empowerment Society