December to Remember

Africa's Biggest Orphanage Outreach!


December to Remember

In 2016, we reached nearly 300 orphans across 6 states in Nigeria (Oyo, Ogun, Ondo, Lagos, Osun, Calabar). In 2017, we reached over 3,000 orphans across 30 states in 6 African countries, with an inspirational message of love and hope. December to Remember is now Africa’s biggest orphanage outreach as we continue to donate food supplies, wears & books in addition to free medical outreach, Inspirational talk, and fun activities for orphans!


December to Remember?

Ruth is a 10-year-old with battered shoes, a hunger-stricken frame and hair full of lice. Ruth shares tooth brush barely takes her bath with soap and hopes from day to day to not go hungry, alongside 50 orphans at a tiny Orphanage. By donating clothes, money, food items, livestock, provision and more, we can help orphans like Ruth experience thrive and not merely survive.

In 2018, over 1 million orphans will be reached across the world

We are a coalition of volunteers passionate about making the yuletide season a ‘December to Remember’ for orphans in our community.

Our Causes

For December to Remember

Party / Games

We host Africa’s biggest party for orphans. Lots of Music, dancing & Games too.

Donating Supplies

We donate 1 month of food supplies and cloth, provision, books.

Medical Outreach

We provide free Medical outreach & medical supplies.

Our Causes

For December to Remember

Our Partners

At December to Remember?